Why is my PC so slow?

There could be multiple reasons for that. There could be too many processes running on startup or on the background when your PC is working. These processes, if too many, will significantly decrease startup speed and the speed of the PC as a whole. Another possible reason could be having installed more than one antivirus programs, firewalls, internet security systems. By doing that the only thing that changes is your computer's speed. You are not protecting it more, you are just making it slower. No need. Your disk could be very fragmented. When you install and deinstall programs or when you create and delete files, gaps in your registry occur and finding the necessary files for operations gets slower and slower. Your Windows registry is cluttered. Your registry keeps all your Windows and other applications' settings. When you install and remove software, there are always residues that need to be removed.

How to cope with my slow PC?

Do a scan with SweepTools PC Cleaner. Once it is completely ready with the scan let SweepTools PC Cleaner use its powerful cleaning, repairing and defragmenting tools. SweepTools PC Cleaner will do all the work for you!

How does SweepTools PC Cleaner boost my startup speed?

When too many applications launch at startup, your computer need more time and resources to start it all. With SweepTools PC Cleaner you can decide which processes you want to leave and which ones you do not need.

What is a junk file?

Your operating system and all applications installed on it create temporary files during installation and when running. This happens constantly. In this way hundreds of thousants of temporary files get created while programs work.

Why should I clean those files?

Most of your temporary files do not get cleaned out from your hard drive even if they are no longer needed. The amount of files that is created grows contantly, takes up more and more space and slows down any running process on Windows. By deleting those files not only does your PC become faster, but you regain huge part of the space on your hard drive.

I purchased SweepTools. What to do next?

As soon as your order is complete you will be directed to the Order confirmation page. There you will find the download link to the product you just purchased and the product key that is required to activate the full array of tools. In case you do not see the page for any reason do not worry, if the payment is processed then an email with the download link and activation code is surely dispatched. You will find the information in your email inbox shortly. Keep the email for you future reference if you re-install your product. If you already have the trial version of SweepTools PC Cleaner installed on your PC you do not need to download it again. All you need to do is simply use the activation code to unleash the full potential of SweepTools PC Cleaner. To activate your copy of SweepTools PC Cleaner you need to do the following: Open your SweepTools PC Cleaner. Click on the Register Now button and a pop-up with the product key field will appear. Copy the product key from your email or order confirmation page (highlight the whole product key, right click and Copy) and paste it in the field. Click Activate Now. Hoerae! You are ready to go!

I already bought SweepTools PC Cleaner but keeps on asking to buy.

A possible reason for that can be that you purchased the program but forgot to use the product key. Once you have activated the program, click "Activate Now" and follow the simple steps. Have your product key handy so you can copy and paste it when requested. After you finish that, you SweepTools PC Cleaner will be up and running.

“Your product key is invalid” What to do now?

First, please make sure you have the latest version of SweepTools PC Cleaner installed on your PC. If not, please update your version and try to activate it again. To enter your product key, please, copy it from your email or order confirmation page (by highlighting the whole product key, right click and Copy) and paste it in the product key field. Click Activate Now. Check the format of the product key If you still get the same issue, please, make sure you are using the correct and full product key. If you are re-typing the number, you might omit a letter or number. If so, please, try copy-pasting it by following the instructions above.

Do I get an order confirmation email?

An order confirmation email is dispatched to the email you provided during the purchasing process within a couple of minutes of payment processing. The email contains all necessary information about the purchase, download link and activation code / product key, that you need in order to register your copy of the software. If you do not get this order confirmation email within couple of hours, please, try the following: 1.) Check your spam folder just in case. If you find the order confirmation e-mail in there, mark it as 'Not Spam'. Once you do that the order confirmation email will be moved to your inbox. This should ensure that you receive future important emails from SweepTools. 2.) Please, make sure you are checking the same e-mail address that you provided us in the purchasing process.

My payment is declined. Why?

Please, make sure you are entering all information from your credit card correctly. If done so, there should be no problem with processing the payment. Please, thoroughly and meticulously check you credit card details. If the afore mentioned details are correct and your credit card is foreign, might be the case that your credit card is not being allowed to process international payments. If so, please, check with your credit card company, they should be able to handle that.

I need to reinstall my SweepTools PC Cleaner.

To Download the software, please follow the link: Download
To activate the product, please, use the product key that you received after your initial purchase in your confirmation e-mail. If you have deleted your e-mail or you have not received it for any reason, please, send us your details on sweeptools@sdownload.org to request your product key.

My SweepTools PC Cleaner is not running properly. What should I do?

If you encounter any unexpected issues with our software, please, reinstall the product. Download and install it again. Once that is done all issues should be fixed.

How can I undo the changes done by SweepTools PC Cleaner?

All changes done by SweepTools PC Cleaner can be manually undone. To do that please find the Gear Wheel button on the right. From the menu choose “Undo Changes”. You can now restore registry changes from the ‘Windows® Registry Errors’ section, revert Speed issues and re-enable applications from the ‘PC Startup Optimizer’ section.